Sara Nachreiner


I love color + texture, lighting + music, design + space, time + place. I like to build and make things and appreciate built and made things. I have always been a rock and tree lover, animal lover and the tallest girl in my class.

I have my Bachelors in Interior Design and have been working in framing design and production since 1990.  I opened Mitrebox in 1998.

On the weekends I like to: go to the cabin, hit farmer's markets, comb junk shops, have Sunday breakfast out with pals, visit the dog park with Henry, landscape, work on house projects, or watch a good film.

Little known facts about Sara

Color: I love hot orangey reds, acid yellows and cool deep blues

Food: Colorful, spicy dishes

Talent: I can whistle with every finger and a blade of grass


Jen Chilstrom


I started designing for a gallery in downtown Minneapolis when I was just 16 while studying Post Secondary at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

As a visual artist, I love working with the unique and amazing items that come in from all over the world. Each relic holds a special story and I get to help be a part of making that memory special and long lasting.

I share a studio in the Northrup King Building with some very inspiring makers. I design clothing, textiles, and make mixed media visual art. I also teach visual arts and fiber workshops in the community.

Little known facts about Jen

Color: I can’t say that I have a favorite color, but I am addicted to the palettes at

Food: Anything too spicy and everything at Harriet Brasserie

Talent: Finding sand dollars and four leaf clovers


Pam Fechter


Before starting at Mitrebox, I worked for nearly 30 years as the manager at The FrameWorks Custom Picture Framing and Gallery in St. Paul.

On the weekends I like to curl up with the newspaper, my kindle and some magazines. I eventually emerge to grocery shop and make a nice meal using a new recipe.

As a little girl, I loved paper dolls, paint by number, string art, and spending all of my allowance at Don’s Hobby Shop.

Little known facts about Pam

Color: Olive green and turquoise

Food: Garlic and spice!

Talent: Extreme Sudoku

Charlene Perkey


My framing venture started at 14 when my high school art teacher mentioned a local frame shop was hiring and I jumped at the opportunity. I love the creative process of design work, then basking in its polished finished results.

I have my certificate in Graphic Arts, and I’m currently enrolled in the Atelier Studio Program of Fine Arts.

In my free time, I like to paint, choreograph, drink craft beer, and seek adventure! I also love spending time with my husband Shaun, our 2 dogs Nokomis and Calliope, and our cat Cabir.

Little known facts about Charlene

Talent: Dancing with sword(s). Semi-retired dancer and choreographer (belly & modern dance)

Food: Moroccan, Chinese, Mexican, things from our garden, and craft beer

Artists: Leonardo da Vinci, Edgar Degas, Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh

Russell Sheetz

Custom Framer

I enjoy troubleshooting, precision, and working with color and composition. I always drew and learned to sew at an early age. During the “Star Wars” years, I would design and build space crafts. I studied Fashion Design at MCTC and got into framing in the mid-80s when I was managing a fabric store.

I also run Russell Bourienne, a Custom Menswear Studio. In my free time, I enjoy designing and sewing clothing, upholstery, and bags. I also restore vintage bicycles and enjoy long, relaxing bike rides along the greenway and lakes.

Little known facts about Russell

Color: Red, yellow, and turquoise

Food: Indian or Thai

Talent: I have double-jointed shoulders

Tim McFadden

Custom Framer

I graduated in 1984 with a BFA in Art and spent 26 years at Nash Frame Design before coming to Mitrebox.

I love the entire framing process, from design to matting and mounting. to the finished frame and perfect fit. I love making the impossible possible. 

I also work at Road Runner Records. In my free time, I enjoy brewing beer, cooking, collecting records, playing my Jukebox, going to concerts, traveling, and horse racing. My wife Linda and I have three wonderful children and a puggle named Stella.

Little known facts about Tim

Food: Pizza, stir-fry, ice cream

Talent: Punk drummer from back in the day

Project: I just completed an outdoor bar built from packing pallets

Laurie LoPesio

Custom Framer

I love to work with my hands and learned to apply my handwork to custom framing 16 years ago and have been framing ever since.

During college, I mostly studied women’s literature. Writing classes were my favorite. I can still
sometimes be found writing poetry.

I love to relax, even to the point of stillness. I practice, study and teach yoga. I also enjoy time with friends, biking and baking. My garden is one of my very favorite places to be.

Little known facts about Laurie

Color: Spring green, Meyer lemon yellow, California poppy orange

Food: Homemade ice cream and fresh fruit

Talent: I can send a beer bottle cap soaring great lengths with one flick


Henry is our greeter and our doorman. He is on squirrel patrol in the back courtyard and skateboard patrol in the front window.

He is the most shiny and elegant looking boy, he crosses his paws and sits with thoughtful aplomb. And when he's not on patrol or looking regal, he is the World's Best Napper.

Little known facts about Henry

Leaps up the back steps with a single 11' stride

Leans on dog-friendly clientele to show affection

Plays tug or fetch with anyone willing