Sara Nachreiner, Proprietor

I love color + texture, lighting + music, design + space, time + place. I like to build and make things and appreciate built and made things. I have always been a rock and tree lover, animal lover and the tallest girl in my class.

I have my Bachelors in Interior Design and have been working in framing design and production for twenty-five years, I opened Mitrebox in 1998.

On the weekends I like to: go to the cabin, swim, shop at the  farmers market, have Sunday breakfast out with pals, visit the dog park with Henry, landscape, comb junk shops, work on house projects, or watch a good film.



Little known facts about Sara

  • Color: I love hot orangey reds, acid yellows and greens and cool deep blues
  • Food: Colorful, spicy dishes
  • Talent: I can whistle with every finger and a blade of grass


Pam Fechter

Before starting at Mitrebox, I worked for nearly 30 years as the manager at The FrameWorks Custom Picture Framing and Gallery in St. Paul.

On the weekends I like to curl up with the newspaper, my kindle and some magazines. I eventually emerge to grocery shop and make a nice meal using a new recipe.

As a little girl, I loved paper dolls, paint by number, string art, and spending all of my allowance at Don’s Hobby Shop.



Little known facts about Pam

  • Color: Olive green and turquoise
  • Food: Garlic and spice!
  • Talent: Extreme Sudoku


Henry is our greeter and our doorman. He is on squirrel patrol in the back courtyard and skateboard patrol in the front window.

He is the most shiny and elegant looking boy, he crosses his paws and sits with thoughtful aplomb. And when he's not on patrol or looking regal, he is the World's Best Napper.

Little known facts about Henry

  • Leaps up the back steps with a single 11' stride
  • Leans on dog-friendly clientele to show affection
  • Plays tug or fetch with anyone willing