North Loop Minneapolis Framing and Gift Shop

In addition to our custom framing services, we have a shop full of amazing gifts for everyone on your list. Stop in to see our ever-changing variety!

Take in our collection of photo frames, letter-pressed and screen printed greeting cards for (literally) every occasion, papers, vintage and artist-made jewelry, candles, prints, mirrors, frames, and art.

We carry something thoughtful for everyone on your list: Moms. Girlfriends. Dads. Boyfriends. People who are getting married. People who are having babies. Babies themselves. Pets. Baby pets. Pet babies. We’ve got you covered!



"Mitrebox is Minnesota nice in the foxiest, craftiest, hippest, coolest, warmest ways. I go in needing nothing in particular–just hankering for some "pretty", some eye-candy, and not only do I come out with things I actually need, but they help me to create pieces that make my every single day more beautiful."- Liz, paper whore, neighbor, friend, groupie

"Mitrebox has been able to beautifully frame our wide variety of art pieces including large oil pieces, previously-framed delicate watercolors, and even a three-dimensional box. Walking into their shop will tell you everything; these are people who respect all kinds of art work and know how to set it off to look its best. I am such a fan of Mitrebox that I hand out its business card to my guests that rave about the art in our home.

Mitrebox is a rare gem of expertise, amazing service, and commitment to quality."- Sarah, Long-time fan

"Working with their team is a complete delight! Warmth and creativity is found in every corner of their shop and translated into the final works of art that they bring to life. Each framing project has produced a distinctive piece that shares a story from our lives."- Anne, Mitrebox devotee
"The talented staff at Mitrebox intuitively understand the needs of the artist. Their gifted eyes and skilled hands make a good picture great and a great picture salable. I recommend them unreservedly."- John, Minneapolis Artist

I love working with the staff at Mitrebox. They are so friendly, welcoming and eager to assist with anything from an appropriate card, gift or a framing project. They are a huge asset to the North Loop neighborhood and the entire city.- Rik, Neighbor and design client